pièce de ré·sis·tance

  pièce de ré·sis·tance |noun |

\pē-ˌes-də-rə-ˌzē-ˈstän(t)s, -rā-, -ˈstäⁿs\ 

The best/most important or remarkable feature (especially with reference to creative work or a meal). 

With every DIY or craft project an artist creates, they give a piece of themselves. When you buy a custom made piece you aren't just buying the item. You buy the time it took to experiment, trial and error, the ingenuity, the moments of pure joy and the agonizing frustration of a perfectionist! You aren't just looking at or buying one object, but a piece of their heart and soul ... a small piece. 

 The creative process...

The creative process...

This was made to speak to the seed of creativity in each of us. Each of us are created with a Divine energy, with a designated purpose and gift. You are required to nurture that seed and let your gift to the Universe glow. 

The world needs you to glow! You are the 

pièce de résistance

The patches on this jacket have a message and a purpose. The NVD logo of course is to represent the brand and lifestyle. The patch with the latitude and longitude is actually a reference to my hometown LANSING, MI. Knowing where you are going is always governed by where you are from, It may not define who you are, but it is certainly a big part of who you are and your visions for the future!


NVD custom denim and bomber jackets coming soon!