Soled Separately

I made up my mind. I needed new shoes. I can shop for clothes all day but without the perfect shoe, a dope fit is useless. I'm in the process of stepping my shoe game up and wanted to share my latest finds! 

A friend of mine was looking for a birthday dress and fell upon a site called Missguided. The site had super sexy and cute party dresses! As she searched and we started to do like girls do - sharing our wish list, I was telling her how much I wanted these Perspex heels from another site. She whips her phone to show me these that she's found on the Missguided site and I was in love! I of course spent time being indecisive on which to get, then this 3rd contender comes into play and they took the cake!  

Yup... throw it in the bag. So as I keep perusing the site, I notice there is a 20% off your first purchase offer. Don't mind if I do! The promo code came straight to my email and I proceeded to find 2 more shoes I couldn't leave behind with the promo offer!

With savings of 20% The ankle gladiator that was on clearance was virtually free! Amen! I couldn't buy them fast enough seeing as though I was lucky enough to find them all in my size. But I couldn't find where to enter my promo code during checkout (it's at the bottom of your basket -hint hint). I kept hitting the "proceed" button hoping to find it. When I got to the "order submitted" screen, I knew I had screwed up! I was opening a chat to ask how to modify the order and boy, were they trained well. Two reps told me nothing could be done. I wrote a letter to customer service to complain, naturally (even though it was my fault, haha!). So no less than 24hrs later I was refunded the 20% for my order. I WIN

I received my shoes all in one super cute bag and they were nicely packaged inside. I love them all and cannot wait to wear them out! #shoewhore

This is the sites current promo.


Perspex heels

Knee high cut out heels

Lasercut Gladiator Heels

Bodysuit - AKIRA   Bermudas - DIY by me

Bodysuit - AKIRA

Bermudas - DIY by me