Deja Blu

Stay Inspired. Remember why you started. Follow your Art. Your passions have a purpose. Set Goals. CRUSH them. Believe in yourself. Keep the Faith. Never stop striving. Do not settle. Be the best version of yourself. Fall. Get back up. Positive Vibes. Conquer from within. SmileYOU CAN DO ALL THINGS. 

As I work on rebranding this week I am reminded of why I started and where I see myself going. It's hard to express my passions explicitly to the world and convey it in a way I feel resonates with others. I don't do what I do out of pure vanity or love for material things. I am truly expressing a deep urge to create, live out loud and channel what divine gifts were given to me to serve as inspiration for others to express their point of view.

We are all created in His image therefore we have the most divine gift of all - to create. Let us remember that we lack nothing. Use what God gave YOU. Don't let your vision stop where you are. Instead, set sight on the path you choose to create

Hat - NVD | Jacket - thrifted | Shirt - NVD Original | Jeans - Distressed by me | Shoes - Custom NVD Timberlands