Lobstah Rolls, the Rippah and What??

In November I had the pleasure of purchasing my first DSLR camera. I've got some plans for 2017 and I knew a quality camera would be a good investment. Now keep in mind, I'm a pro behind the scenes as a stylist but not behind the lens. I kept telling myself I needed to start having my camera around my neck religiously if I was going to learn! When I planned my second visit to Boston, I felt like it was a great time to play around on some adventures. I had the pleasure of spending Martin Luther King Jr weekend in Boston where I had my first lobster roll, explored the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Newbury St., Dorchester, Boston Commons & Public Gardens.


Now you KNOW the fashion blogger in me had to explore the city in style. I got really lucky and the weather was beautiful for the duration of my stay...considering it was the middle of January. I was able to wear this chic and cozy H&M knit sweater dress with my Dolce Vita knee-high boots with beautiful embroidery up the front. These boots are the Goddess of boots. They love on my feet like no other heeled boot has! 

My wool/faux leather Steve Madden coat I've had for years - a great find at a Marshalls in Chicago. I originally pulled it for a shoot and I just had to keep it! I found these boots on sale at Nordstrom rack and didn't need to do much to convince myself i needed these. It's hard to find a heeled boot that you feel comfortable enough to take on the city in. I found them for $130 at Nordstrom Rack and they appear to be sold out at Nordstrom stores online. The link below will take you to the Dolce Vita site for purchase.

For $20 this H&M sweater dress was definitely coming home with me too! I love cute and cozy clothes. Everyone wants to look stylish but in reality we all want to be comfortable on a budget too. Since this find was also on sale at the mall, the exact sweater is no longer online but the sale tunic below is a great stand-in. 

I finished off the look with some ultra sheer stocking (cuz I'm such a F'n lady) and a silver NVD choker that unfortunately is from last season so it is out of stock! Check the link below for more NVD necklaces!

H&M Sweater Tunic - $30

H&M Sweater Tunic - $30

Dolce Vita Connor Boot - $231

Dolce Vita Connor Boot - $231

My Adventures...


Boston Commons

Stuffing my face at Snappy sushi on Newbury St.