Style Lust

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black and white clothing rack 2.jpg

Style Lust


Why not take the hassle out of everything wardrobe related and know your personal stylist has your back! Keeping your stylist in your closet regularly will keep your spending in budget, your closet polished and your style on “next level” status. This service is intended to be utilized over 3 months to ensure the style and closet organization we’ve developed is solid! If you’re someone who shops a lot and tends to buy things you don’t need or find yourself constantly in search of that new and exciting piece. This package is the best gift to yourself and your personal style goals!


• Closet Assessment/Cleanse(s)

• Personal Shopping

• Personal Look Book

• Event Styling Service

• Seasonal Style Forecast

• Seasonal Storage Solutions

• Digital photo gallery of all your new outfit options

• 45% off Additional Styling Services

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