Wardrobe Lookbook

Wardrobe Lookbook


Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective on your current wardrobe. Too often we spend time and money buying things we don’t need simply because we get bored of pairing the same pieces in that same way. Don’t waste time and money in stores when an expert stylist can bring new life to your wardrobe! Let your stylist analyze your closet and create new outfit options. With expert styling techniques, we can create multiple looks that suit your life and reveal the potential in your closet you may have overlooked.

• 30 min virtual or in-person consultation to determine your goals and image direction

• 20+ creative looks for you to wear straight from your own closet

• A digital photo gallery of all completely styled outfit options, helping you get organized and dressed faster

• Review of outfit options and discuss key styling techniques to help you create endless versatility

4-6 hours |$45 for each additional hour

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