Closet NV

Closet NV


Let’s address the mess - Style begins with an organized, purposeful wardrobe. Partner with a professional stylist to assess your style needs by taking a deep look into your closet. By taking a deep dive in your closet we determine what styles are working for you, which should be altered or donated and outline what your style/wardrobe needs are. This service will create organization within your wardrobe and provide ease when creating your look each day.


• Consultation to address your lifestyle needs and outline solutions

• Organize and sort clothing into items to: Keep, Alter, Donate and Discard

• A digital look book of 5 creative outfits from current wardrobe

Stretching your budget by encouraging clients to save previously purchased items by creating new options for pairing and layering various pieces

• Review key styling techniques to create endless versatility within your wardrobe

6 hours | $45 for each additional hour

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