Ready, Set, Spring!

Every season us fashion lovers are looking for the next trend, or better yet, how to stay AHEAD of the trends. Don’t get me wrong, I love the joggers and 70s style skirts as much as the next person but…what else? When spring finally comes around, I am beyond ready to switch up my style. This spring I am finding myself loving a few key pieces in my wardrobe that I wanted to share as my top 7 |S P R I N G| picks:

1.       A baseball cap is no longer just a red flag screaming “you are having a bad hair day.” Even with some of your most stylish fits you can add a cap for a different look. Did I mention it still dual purposes to cover those not so friendly edges?!


2.       Sheer can be sexy, fun and an added layer to a basic look. It’s especially nice to wear when the weather is getting warmer and you still want a layered look. There are so many fun ways to wear sheer in tops, skirts, pants…go for it!

Sheer Statements

3.       With the whole retro vibe being “in”, the wide-legged pant is a definite must have because you can dress them up or down. They come in a variety of fabric choices from denim to silky boho prints to fit every lifestyle. They are classic style icons and best of all they are so comfortable!

Wide-legged Pant

4.       Bodysuits were such a hidden gem for me. I love that you can layer them so many ways from sporty to night-out. Whether you go basic or find one with some added details, they are a good way to keep your tucked in looks sleek and sexy. P.S. Bodysuits without crotch snaps are evil and need to be banned!


5.       Ever since I was younger my mom always talked about the elegance of a trench coat. Once my style matured, I realized how much I needed several in my closet! You can get so many cute patterns, colors and lengths. Trenches are great for style and layers but they also get you through those rainy spring months. I never knew how fierce I could feel until I draped one over my shoulders and put on some heels…GET YOU ONE!

trench coat

6.       Sneakers don’t just go at the gym. You can pair the right sneaker with so much more and keep it stylin’. Leather leggings, skirts or dresses - where has this trend been all your life, right?! I had to ask myself what the “right” sneaker was to pair with these varying styles and I found that I like a lite sneaker. Low top and not too chunky. Your feet will thank me later.…Damn, Daniel or whatever lol


7.       Ok, I don’t wanna be THAT girl, but I promise you in elementary you could not get me to take off my choker. It was a running joke in my family that if I took it off, my head would fall off. Ok, I got that out the way… I set that trend lol. In all seriousness though, it is a huge trend that everyone can wear and they are so affordable. I love how dainty and playful they are!

NVD Choker