NVD Fleur Box

Sometimes you really have to just stop and smell the roses. Life moves so fast. I am constantly feeling like I am rushing through life. Quickly, trying to achieve a goal, get somewhere on time (which 9/10 I can't seem to do) or hurry through the "hard part" of whatever I am dealing with. I am done rushing. 

Rather than complain or set sights on nothing but things hoped for, I am reminded to be grateful for the present. The gift of today, the gift of the struggle, the gift of the lessons learned through trial and error. I am blessed enough to say I do not have any life threatening problems. I have enough blessings to bless those around me and that is more than enough to be grateful for!

I like to get my mind off of things by creating and I've been doing just that lately! I came across a D.I.Y from one of my favorite youtubers, Amber Scholl (Tutorial here!) I ran across. Never knew how much I needed a flower box til I saw how easy it was to make one! I had so much fun making this and I can't wait to share more of my D.I.Y. projects with you all. I  hope I can inspire someone to do what makes them happy too! In the meantime check these out and remember there is always something to be grateful for! 

NVD Fleur Box 2
NVD Fleur Box 3

I made this from a crushed velvet tank top, a cardboard craft box and "real feel" flowers from my local craft store!

maybe you are'nt into crafting? Mother's Day is around the corner so buy her a handcrafted NVD fleur box that will last forever! 

NVD Fleur Box
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