First Monday in September

One night I decided I was more than ready to take the next big step toward my career goals so I began diligently searching for assistant opportunities and style schools. I recall my mom telling me about a school of style in Los Angeles and after looking into the curriculum, it sounded cool. . . but it didn't ignite any real interest to pay the money and make arrangements for it. This particular night I was hunting I found an assistant opportunity with Wayman & Micah in Los Angeles and came across the London College of Style. 

My application for the assistant position with Wayman & Micah seemed like an exciting and promising opportunity. I went as far as having a phone interview with the two celebrity stylist and receiving an invite to L.A. to meet with them. Long story short, that didn't work out as planned. I was still determined to find a lane that would put me in a position to excel.

Learn More about why I chose LCS Advanced Styling Course Here 

I was sure London College of Style would be that opportunity. After literally YEARS of procrastinating and fearing how to pay for tuition while also trying to live in London, I let fear take over and ultimately chose a totally different school! I choose an online school that promised collaborative hands on opportunities and most important, a payment plan! I made arrangements to join and soon after asking more questions and seeing what the school was offering me, I was feeling they were more about money than student experience - my instincts told me I made the wrong choice. I knew I had to either find a way to make this work for me or get back on track with my instinctive plan to go to LCS. I chose to follow my gut and my DREAMS and make a way to LCS. I am proud to say I made it to the London College of Style Advanced Editorial Styling Course


As every fashionista knows, the first Monday of every May is the biggest day of the year, or as André Leon Talley puts it, "Super Bowl Sunday for the fashion world." Well personally that day came when I began classes this past Monday, September 4th! For the next 12 weeks I am going to be submersed in the London Fashion industry honing in on my editorial styling skills. I will have the exciting opportunity to work with PR companies in London, volunteer for London Fashion Week (and watch shows!), have the opportunity to be published in various London Magazines and learn an immense amount on what it takes to be a serious stylist in the industry.  I couldn't ask for a better opportunity and I am excited to see what exciting things are to come from this experience. 

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The Padlocks of Shoreditch Station

The Padlocks of Shoreditch Station

As of this weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting several lovely vintage and thrift shops with my class in the Shoreditch area. The class met up at the Shoreditch Station and I was pleased to be invited by the sounds of Erykah Badu's Apple Tree playing from some unidentified stereo in the fenced field nearby.



Shoreditch is known for its street art so we spent the afternoon as tourist taking pictures of really intruiging art. I was so upset I forgot my SD card at home and had to take photos on my S****y android camera. Alas, the gallery below showcases some of the wonderful art in the area!

Brick Lane Vintage

Brick Lane Vintage

We started our tour of the area at a vintage shop Brick Lane Vintage. and I am obsessed with this store! Vintage streetwear and designer finds and such and great vibe in the store. The same goes for Rokit which had repurposed fashion designs and thrifted items. 


Another one of the many shops we looked at was Ragyard. Ragyard was a mix of one-off individually handmade in the UK garments, alongside super special globally selected vintage. I was ridiculously inspired to create when I left this store! I immediately wanted to start a project making all the ideas flowing through my head! I will have to stay far from here if I wish to have any money when I return home. 

Ragyard "We Love to Create"

Ragyard "We Love to Create"

Seeing a few of the well known thrift shops in the area helped me better understand London Street styles, I love how street style in London is a mix of luxury and dope vintage finds. My first day in London I noted a ton of ladies wearing culottes and sneakers and I also see a lot of people pairing things like luxury Hermes tees with vintage champion joggers or luxury jackets/coats with caps, vintage bags and sneakers. It's a bit of a difference from how most thrifters back home tends to show off an entire designer look or all of a retro vibe with thrift finds.

anna sui.png

The day ended with us going to the Fashion and Textile Museum of London to pay a visit to the Anna Sui Exhibition. I have not been to a fashion exhibition before so I was not sure what to expect. Upon walking up to the museum I could feel this was an eclectic designer. She was for sure a "prodigal" designer vs a minimalist. As I walked into the room which told a story about who Anna Sui was, I noticed right away she was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I thought how cool that I am all the way in London by way of Michigan, learning about a designer from Michigan! As I stepped into the second room that showcased her garments on mannequins, the song that set the immediate vibe was Marvin Gaye's Got to Give it Up. I felt the energy through the music, her story and through her wild designs.    

At the end of the day I attached to fellow classmate and blogger Aaron - The Psychic Stylist. He and I immediately hit it off over our mutual good taste. Aside from our passion for fashion he and I both love Mexican food! It was a date! We visited the Spitalfields market to grab some of the best Mexican tapas at Las Iguanas. No better way to end a day of shopping and fashion then with a watermelon margarita and tacos!

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I'm excited to share many more of the adventures and experiences that lie ahead! This week I will be starting my assistant work for the London Fashion Week shows! Stay tuned for more on the shows!