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Aarika Lauryn x Basquiat

The wonderful thing about art and creativity is that it is limitless to your imagination only. I love that creative worlds collide and from that many iconic and innovative things come. Many which inspire the masses. I know I might be getting too deep for anyone who can't relate to the excitement/high of creating! Get with it, or get lost! 

I find myself looking to many forms of art outside of fashion for inspiration to create or style a client. I just so happen to be pulling clothing for an upcoming shoot when I came across this t-shirt on the sale rack that I knew was a Basquiat print! I just knew I had to have it for that reason alone. Not gonna lie, I had no idea what painting or the meaning, it was a Jean-Michel Basquiat shirt - nuff said. 

After getting it home, I decided to look further into this shirt and it's design. The print on this shirt is inspired by Basquiat's Beat Bop painting, an original album cover from 1983. One of the few editioned Basquiat works created during his lifetime (Publisher: Tartown/Profile Records).

The painting was created as artwork for one of hip-hop's first alternative records by rappers Rammellzee and K-Rob. Only a reputed 500 of the song’s initial run, on Jean-Michel Basquiat’s imprint Tartown Records, were made with jacket cover art by the infinitely influential graphic artist. As you can imagine these vinyls and his art work are worth A LOT today. To listen to the song visit this link: Beat Bop

Original Art

I love that this shirt is not only fashion, but it is literally wearable art. I love that I had the opportunity to learn something new all stemming from this shopping experience and this shirt! Now that I know the meaning and the origin, I feel this shirt is that much more relevant to me. I love the song and appreciate the artistry from the music to the art which now meets fashion! 

If you are interested in this Basquiat inspired shirt please visit the link below: 

Beat Bop Shirt

Alice + Olivia Basquiat Capsle Collection

Aarika Lauryn x Basquiat
Aarika Lauryn x Basquiat